who lived here? who do i want to be? who wrote this? who would throw this away? who has the time? who do you love? who were my great great grandparents? who owned this? who are you? who were my parents? who sings this? who cares? who said that? who made this? who is in that photo? who is my sister? who designed this? who fell for that? who bought that? who knit this? who thought of that? who sat there? who am i? who vintage.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

who: abode

what: vintage magic and funky retro sunshine

when: monday through friday 11-7 and saturday 11-6

where: 1720 south 900 east in the house of sugar

why: because stepping into abode is kind of like looking through your parent's attic and finding pictures of them at woodstock looking, shall we say, dazed and confused

might i suggest: abode-abode.blogspot.com

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