who lived here? who do i want to be? who wrote this? who would throw this away? who has the time? who do you love? who were my great great grandparents? who owned this? who are you? who were my parents? who sings this? who cares? who said that? who made this? who is in that photo? who is my sister? who designed this? who fell for that? who bought that? who knit this? who thought of that? who sat there? who am i? who vintage.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh i'm tired of that old fairy tale!

cinderella is supposed to come straight outta the ashes and still be spot-free when her prince comes along!

movie quote: the barefoot contessa with ava gardner
for sale: vintage tray and rome print turned into a huge and beautiful piece of art $65

Monday, January 4, 2010

the karma set

lace on the gloves,
the bell is ringing,
the pearl is in the oyster,
the rain falls

poem: the shadows by charles bukowski
for sale: teal mod end table $25; mod black and white chair $30 [sorry, both sold]